Friday, 21 April 2017

ECCA - 1958 Ford Anglia Manumatic Auto "Museum Piece" with a warranted 6,352 miles on the clock.

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"A stunning piece of British motoring history!"

We know that you may have only just received our recent newsletter, however, we thought you would not forgive us if we didn't tell you about one of the latest vehicles entered into our next auction, on the 7th May.

1958 Ford Anglia Manumatic Auto "Museum Piece" with a warranted 6,352 miles on the clock.

This beautiful 1958 Ford Anglia two-owner car was owned by its first owner until 1999 and then by a Ford Main Dealer that displayed it in their showroom. They have issued a letter confirming the car's mileage and authenticity and we have this on file.
e with the Dealer they carried out a program of sympathetic rejuvenation, including (but not limited to) things like new bumpers, hub caps, carpets etc., plus some work to the wiring loom.
Apart from these items the car is 100% original and never welded or painted in all these years.

Today the original paint does have minor scratches and marks but it would be a tragedy to paint it and spoil this originality. The interior, apart from the carpets is as it left the factory and perfect.
The most unusual feature is its gearbox; this is believed to be a "one year only" option clutch-less “Two Pedal” system, called either a “Newton” or “Manumatic” Drive and the car comes complete with a booklet telling the new owner how to operate it. Basically, you pre-select the gear and then accelerate, this causes a centrifugal clutch to engage drive and off you go. The vendor has spent a lot of time getting this back into full working order after so little use for so long.
While recommissioning the car he also completely rebuilt the brake system (every part including master cylinder, all 6 wheel cylinders, hoses, shoes, grease and seals, all new). Rebuilt the carburettor so now it starts first push of the button (literally), replaced the service items, spark plugs points, leads, cap, coil and condenser. Flushed the water system through and even renovated the vacuum wipers so they now work.
Underneath is corrosion free but the vendor wishes us to point out that there are two VERY MINOR places where there is a sign of corrosion; one at the base of the off-side rear wing (on the seam), the other is the battery box, both, as  he said, very small but there nonetheless.
This car represents a once in a lifetime chance for the avid Ford collector, or collector of rare, one-off cars.
The expected price is currently marked as "To Be Advised".
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